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Mit say Vinamit 100g - Jackfruit chips

RM 8.90
With the goals of creating organic agricultural products and establishing a relationship between the farmers and consumers, Vinamit has been leading in the field of agriculture and the agro-processing industry in Vietnam. More importantly, with the advantage of freeze-dried and vacuum-dried technology, Vinamit has turned the fresh organic fruits into delicious dried fruit snacks. Our fruits are dried at the peak of their ripeness, preserving their flavors, the natural nutrients elements, and the vitamins & minerals. We are proud to deliver our consumers dried fruits that are crisp, light and bursting with flavor and nutrition. With the best selection of jackfruit from our organic standard farms in addition to the advanced technology, we are able to deliver a dried fruit product that retains the natural color and taste from the freshly picked fruits. Our jackfruit chips are made from fresh jackfruit with absolutely no preservative, no artificial color and no artificial flavor. Ingredients: fresh jackfruit (98%), vegetable oil. Preservation: Keep in cool, dry places and tightly closed. Instruction: Use directly. Expiry date: See on packaging.