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Banh pho kho Vina 400g - Dried noodle

RM 8.00
direction of rice noodle: ingredient: 200g rice noodle 120g prawn or chicken 3 tea spoon of cooking oil 1/4 tea spoon of fish sauce 1/3 roasted peanut 1/2 bowl of dills cut about 2.5c, and 1 bowl of bean sprout 4-5 slice garlic 5 tea spoon of sugar 1-2 egg to dissolves *the pan is heated and oil is poured on to desmell garlic, prawn ,fish sauces, sugar, soya cake and put on and fried until the meat is well done. the rice noodle sticks is ready to be fried until it is founf vague transparent the egg is shaken regular on stove for 2 minutes until the egg become dry and the liquid in pan look condensed.