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Bot nep glutinous rice flour 400g

RM 6.00


  • The flour is glutinous, elastic and white. it is used to make many types of food such as "troi nuoc" sweet soup "bhanto", "banh it tran", "banh it with green bean filling"



  • put 400g of glutinous rice flour into a big bowl, boil water (350ml) then pour slowly into the flour and knead the flour until it is smooth, put into the flour 4 spoons of oil and knead it agaim, make it into 15portions.


  • shrimp: 200g without shell, wash with salt, chop and stir quickly
  • pork: 200g, chop
  • yam bean: 200g chop, put into boilingwater quickly, squeeze it.


Stir fry the filling: put the pan on the stove, put oil into the pan and fry onion and garlic, stir fry shrimp and pork 10minutes. put yam bean, pepper, salt, then take it off the fire. from the cake: take one portion of flour and make it a thin piece, put the filling inside, and make it a ball. steam: put leaves into the pot, put the balls int othe pot and steam in 20minutes until the flour looks clear. take the cake out. put oil onion on the cakes so that do not stick to each other. put the cakes on the plate. put fried onion on and serve with fish sauce and pickles.