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Bun rieu cua instant rice vermicelli with crab soup 80g

RM 2.50


  • rice vermicelli: rice (55%), stabilisers (E1404. E412), refined sugar, salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate), artificial sweeteners (acesulfame pottasium, aspartame).
  • stewed crab soup pack: tomato, refined palm oil, water, freshwater crab (3.8%), dried shrimp, red shallot, soya curd, eggs powders, refined sugar, salt, thickener(E1422), flavor enhancers( monosodium glutamate, dsodium 5'-guanylate. disodium 5'-inosinate), chilli extract, natural color (carotenes), antioxidant( tocopherol- rich extract)
  • soup base pack:salt, flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate,dsodium 5'-guanylate. disodium 5'-inosinate), refined sugar, dried green onion, maltodextrin, pepper, chilli, artificial crab flavor, anti caking agent(E551).
  • fried shallot pack: red shallot, refined palm oil.

serving directions:

  1. cut and put rice vermicelli and soup base packs, fried shallot pack into a bowl.
  2. cover the bowl for 3 minutes
  3. pour enough boiling water(about 400ml)
  4. open lid, cut and put stewed crab soup pack into the bowl, stir well and serve